How To Build Muscle Mass: Tips

While achieving a muscular body may be the aim of many, it can be hard to know where to start and how to reach the goal. Almost everyone seems to have their own set of rules regarding what works and what does not work. However, there are certain basic ideas that form the basis of bodybuilding. Here are the general steps to follow to build muscle mass.

Take extra calories – Your body needs extra energy to produce muscle after a workout. It is essential to take in more calories than you can expend. This does not mean you should gorge on a lot of foods. You can use an online calorie calculator to determine how much your body will require to build muscles. Generally, 100 to 200 extra calories per day is good for muscle building.

Get the essential nutrients – While it is true that the body needs more calories for muscle building, it does not mean you get those calories through any means possible. These calories should come from carbohydrates, protein and fat. Without these macronutrients, it will not be possible for your body to keep pace with your workout routine.

Avoid a catabolic state – A catabolic state is described as when the body does not have enough food and begins to feed on the muscle and fat. While this can cause weight loss, this is not what we are looking to achieve. Taking protein shakes early in the morning can be a great help in preventing catabolic states.

Do the right workouts – There are several exercises and workouts that can help you gain muscle. Keep in mind bodybuilding is different from powerlifting and need the practitioner to follow different exercises. The best way to build muscle is to follow the advice of your trainer and stick to it for the stipulated time to see your desired results.

Avoid over training – When starting out, you may want to spend longer hours at the gym. However, the initial rush and excitement notwithstanding, it is crucial to give each muscle group some rest between workouts. Skipping this step may cause you to lose muscle instead of gaining and will hinder your progress. Rest is as important as working out if you want to grow the right way.

It can be quite challenging to build muscle mass, but following these steps can get you started on the path and help you achieve your goals.